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Question: 150 giving me trouble pls help...

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70ft Figure P1.46 Figure P1.47 1.47 A rifle at A is fired at a target at B. If the speed of the bullet is 1400 ft/s, determine the rectangular form of the velocity vector v. 1.48 The pole OB is subjected to the 600-lb force at B. Determine (a) the rectangular components of the force; and (b) the angles between the force vector and the coordinate axes. 1.49 The cables AB and AC are attached to the frame OBCD and pre- tensioned to 35 kN. Determine the resultant R of the two cable forces acting at the achor point A. 1.50 The two forces are applied to the end of the boom OA. Determine the force Fso that the resultant of the two forces lies in the yz-plane. 8 4 ft 200 lb Figure P1.50 .51 The magnitudes of the three forces are F-1.6 kN , F, = 1.2 kN and 1.0 kN. Compute their resultant in the form (a) R - Ri+ Rj+ R.k: and 1.50 giving me trouble pls help
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