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151) What are the 4 subshells and what is the maximum capacity for 152) In what way does an s electron carve out space? 153) In what ways does a p electron carve out space? 154) In what way(s) are a ls and 2s electron the same? 155) In what way(s) are als and a 2s electron different? 156) Wha t is an orbital? How many electrons are allowed in an orbital and how do the electrons occupy each orbital? Whos principle is this? 157) Draw the shape of all p orbitals. 158) In order for two electrons to occupy the same orbital they must have 159) Electrons spin like tops in two possible directions, and 160) When electrons spin in opposite directions they set up a slight to , which allows two particles with the same attract which normally fir 161) When electrons go in orbitals they much go in 162) According to the principle, no two electrons can have the same four absorb energy in packets 163) When atoms become excited, the called They then move to higher Next, they move back down to lower energy or . This light can be passed levels giving off energy in the form of, through a The spectra is like our fingerprint and can be used for and a photograph or a can be obtained. 164) The two types of spectra are known as the spectra and thespectra. 165) In lab we did flame tests. These tests can be used for identification purposes, but are very limited and unreliable, why? 166) What is the frequency of electromagnetic radiation with a wavelength of 0.53 m? (C 3.00 X 108 m/s) A) 5.7 X 101/s B) 1.8 x 10 1/s C) 1.6 X 10 1/s D) 1.3X 1033 1/s 15
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