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1.53 Knowing that P 90 lb and that the resultant of P and Q lies in the posi- tive x-direction, determine Q and the magnitude of the resultant 1.54 If R is the resultant of the forces P and Q, find P and Q. 12 Figure P1.52, P1.53 25° R 360 lb 55° 12 ft 0 0 Figure P1.54 Figure P1.55 1.55 The force R is the resultant of P and Q. Determine Q and the angle θ. A e y 1.56 The vertical post is secured by three cables. The cables are pre-tensioned so that the resultant of the cable forces F, Q. and P is directed along the z-axis. If F 120 lb, find P and Q Figure P1.56 1.5 Vector Multiplication 1.5a Dot (scalar) product 1.56
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