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16. + Your boss is ot happy with your computed E00 for an espensive item. What should you a. Work to increase holding cost Work to reduce ordering cost Work to reduce supplier price d. Work to reduce customer demand. Sales of hot dogs at the corner of 24. and follow the following patterns: 30% of the days, 80 are sold; 40% ofthe days, 90 are sold; and ther aining days, 100are sold. Given the vendor plans to stock 90 each day, answer the next three questions. 17. What approx. expected fill rate is the vendor targeting? a 92% b.97% с. 89% d, 90% 18. What approx. expected CSL is the vendor targeting? a. 82% b. 9096 с. 60% d.70% Approximately how many hot dogs should the vendor stock to achieve an expected fill rate of 98%? (hint: use info from the questions above) 19. a. 90 b. 94 c. 89 d. 96 Ferecastins o. Pick the general best policy for important, high uncerainty items, with irepalex, madom demand a Reduce supply lead time/and lead time uncertainty b. Keep high stocks of inventory c. Not carry those items at all d. Develop qualitative forecasts
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