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16. For a project to be successful, the project should generally achieve all of the following EXCEPT: A. B. C. Achieving stakeholder satisfaction. Striving to obtain acceptable customer/end-user adoption. Appling knowledge, skills, and processes within the Project Management Process Groups uniformly to meet the project objectives Fulfilling other agreed-upon success measures or criteria. D. 17. The project business case is all of the following EXCEPT: Documented economic feasibility study used to establish the validity of the benefits of a selected component lacking sufficient definition and that is used as a basis for the authorization of further project management activities A document that lists the objectives and reasons for project initiation. A document that serves as an important input to the project initiation and is seldom used after the project is approved. An important document that may result in a go/no-go decision for the project. A. B. C. D. 18. The key elements of the benefits management plan are all of the following EXCEPT: A. Work Breakdown Structure B. Benefits owner. C. Assumptions. D. Strategic alignment. 19. A significant amount of data is collected and analyzed throughout the project. All of the following are examples of project data and information EXCEPT: A. 8. C. D. Work performance data. Work performance analysis. Work performance information. Work performance reports.
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