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Question: 16 if you hiked in pocahontas state park 85 times...

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16. If you hiked in Pocahontas State Park 85 times last year and you saw a White-crowned Sparrow 54 times, what is the probability that you will observe a White-crowned Sparrow next time you go hiking at Pocahontas State Park?

(answer to 2 decimal places)

5. Amorphophallus johnsonii, a West African carrion beetle-pollinated "corpse flower," was studied for amount of nocturnal insect visits.

After many nightly observations, the data for the visits is summarized as follows:

Sample Size (n) 86
Mean (Y with bar on top) 80
Standard Deviation (s) 59

What is the standard error of the mean for these data? (answer to 1 decimal)

10. Using a six-sided die: What is the probability of rolling a 3, followed by a 6, followed by a 1? Round your answer to two significant figures.

13. You are studying mate preferences in the Crested Guan (Penelope purpurascens) of Costa Rica. You randomly sample 125 males and 125 females. How many possible male-female couples are there in your sample?

14. Dr. Baum is analyzing the distribution of two genus of trees, Acer and Quercus.  In the forest you are currently studying with her, there are 19 species in the genus Acer, while there are 82 species of the genus Quercus. How many possible combinations, consisting of one member from each genus, are possible?

15. There are two species of plants that live along the ridge line of Old Rag, which is a mountain here in Virginia. The probability of observing the first species is 0.79, while the probability of observing the second species is 0.08. The probability of observing them growing together (i.e. right next to one another) is 0.55.

When you go for a hike along this ridge line, what is the probability of observing one species or the other but not both together?

(calculate to 2 decimals)

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