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16 marks] Three charges (QAand gc) are arranged in the configuration shown in the picture. If qA +20C [cm) -3.0 C and c+4.0 JC, what is the met electric force exerted by charges qA and qa on Use 3 significant figures in recording all ressls QA Useful constants: k 8.99x 10 In the following questions please show all work and circle your final answer. The first several parts of the question will walk you through a series of steps to each the final answer [I mark] In the figure draw the vectors of electric forces FA On and Fe on-(0.5 mark for each correctly drawn and labeled vector 2 12 marks] Determine distances rac and Tac between charges qa and qc, and qa and gc. respectively. [1 mark for each distance with appropriate SI unit 3 12 marks] Determine the magnitude of the forces F on ) and Fon.cII mark for each magnitude with appropriate SI unit
marks for ach value with oet sgn) 5 1I mark) Determsine the x and y component of the net force (0.5 marks each compoen, with oest s 6. 1 1 mark) Determine the direction of the force Pwer Celative to the positive s axis) 1 markj What is the net clectric force exerted by charges qa and qu on qe 28N 0199
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