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16-A20 Go take a look at a normal 15 speed bicycle. Take some measurements to determine something about the gear ratios. If you were to ride the bike and crank at 1 revolution per second, how fast would you be going in the lowest gear? ow gear means high crank speed and low rear sprocket speed The highest gear Now you are going to ride the bike (on paper) and accelerate forward in the highest gear You can put out 50 ft-lb (67.8 N-m) of torque moment) at the crank. Torque is subject to the same ratios that govern w, a, and e. n other words, if you are in a high gear, a high torque at the crank will be a lower torque at the rear wheel (Tw) crank (Tw) wheel The torque at the rear sprocket wi equal the friction force times the rear radius of the rear tire. Assume that you will not be able to slip the rear tire. Estimate the weight of the bike an use your weight es/hour. Determine the tim e, starting from rest on evel ground, for you get up to 20 m 1.25 m m 0,4 m 0.4 m 0,4 m 2 m

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