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Question: 17 which of the following do microbiologists seldom study a...

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17. Which of the following do microbiologists seldom study? A) B) C) microbes in the environment infectious diseases microbes and human interaction D) microbes and biofuels E) computer viruses 18. All of the following bases are found in RNA molecules EXCEPT A) adenine B) uracil C) thymine D) cytosine E) gaanine 19. When approximately did cellular life appear on Earth A) 2 Billion Years ago B) 4.5 Billion Years ago C) 200,000 Years ago D) E) 3.5 Billion Years ago 250 Million Years ago 20. Extra Credit: Hartmanns team used data to compare the strains of E coli on the ISS to those on Earth A) True B) False 21. Extra credit: Which of the following is true? D) E) 100 mn= 0.01 μm none of the above A) 50 μg = 0.05 g B) C) 5ml=0.05 L 0.2 mm- 2 cm The correct microbiological term for the tiny sample of specimen that is put into a nutrient medium in order to produce a culture is the A) inoculum B) identification C) inspection D) isolation 22. E) incubation 23. Cations are capable of forming ionic bonds with anions A) B) charged subatomic particles atoms without protons atoms that have gained electrons radioactive isotopes C) D) E) Reactions involving electron release are called A) oxidation B) dissolution C) reduction 24. D) decomposition E) conversion C Page 3
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