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Question: 18 consider a 3m x 3m x 3m cubical furnace...

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18. Consider a 3-m x 3-m x 3-m cubical furnace whose top and side surfaces closely approximate black surfaces at a temperature of 1200 K. the base surface has an emissivity 018-04, and is maintained at 800 K. Determine the net rate of radiation heat transfer to the base surface from the top and side surfaces. 19. A 2.1-m long, 0.2-cm diameter electrical wire extends across a room that is maintained at 20°C. Heat is generated in the wire as a result of resistance heating, and the surface temperature of the wire is measured to be 180°C in steady operation Also, the voltage drop and electric current through the wire are 110 V and 3 A, respectively. Disregarding any heat transfer by radiation; determine the convection heat transfer coefficient for heat transfer between the outer surfaces of the wire and the air in the room. 180°C D-0.2 cm L-2.1 m Air, 20°C

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