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1/8/2019 nostehepiure f s beake showing 3 diflent env ionments and owhe affet he t lced into the beaker licrobes with cell walls prefer hypotonic conditions outside the cell (environment). Which beaker shows a hypotonic environment compared to the cell? Q7. If the cell has a solute concentration of 0.8%, which beaker could have l .3% solutes? inistered IV to patients is isotonic. There are situations where slightly hypotonic and hypertonic solutions are given to adjust the ISF (interstitial fluid -fluid around cells in tissues). An example is head trauma where fluid is accumulating in the brain. Q8. Which type of IV solution will help to draw water from the ISF in the brain? a. hypertonic b. hypotonic c. isotonic Exp: Use of Differential, Selective and Fnriched Media In a similar manner indicated above, solute concentrations of media are adjusted to affect the growth of bacterial cells by controlling the movement of water. medium The medium is an external environment which the bacterial cells are directly contacting so any changes in solutes or water content can affect the cells. Some media select for microbes who can thrive in hypertonic conditions. Read about Mannitol salt agar, Blood agar, Eosin-methylene blue agar and 7.5% sodium chloride agar. 09. Of the 4 media listed above, which are considered a hypertonic environment for bacteria (average internal solute content 0.75%)? Q10. EXPLAIN WHY for question 9 Plasma Cel wall Use this picture for questions 11-14 QI i. Which cell represents the majority of bacterial cells placed on 7.5% NaCl agar and MSA? Left, middle or right? Q12. TF The extemal environment for the cell in the middle is equal to or slightly more than 0.75% solutes Q13. If a cell has an internal concentration of 0.80% solutes and is placed into a solution of 0.69% sucrose which of the diagrams above would represent the cell?
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