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1.      Assessment Task Title: Questions - Use an approved learning framework to guide practice

Units being assessed:          CHCECE009 Use an approved learning framework to guide                                                                                      

CHCLEG001 Work legally and ethically

BSBWOR301 Organise personal work priorities

Instructions for Student: This task will assess the students’ knowledge and understanding of the approved learning framework utilised in Early Child Education and Care in Australia.  Students are to use their experiences in the workplace, knowledge gained from classes and by undertaking further research to respond in detail to the following questions.



Assessment Task:

Students are to create a word document and provide written responses to the questions below.


Students must complete this assessment task making reference to the following:

·       National Quality Framework for Early Childhood Education and Care

·       National Quality Standards

·       Belonging, Being, and Becoming, The early years Learning Framework for Australia

·       Victorian early Years Learning and Development Framework

·       Developmental milestones and the Early Years Learning Framework

·       Developmental Milestones for the National Quality Standards.

·       Service philosophy, policies and proceduce


14.    Review the service policies and procedures and seek the following information from discussions with your workplace supervisor

A.       How and when are policies and procedures reviewed at the service? 

B.       Who is involved in the review of policies and procedures?  Discuss how?

C.      How could you as a student contribute to the review and development of service policies?


15.    Review the service complaints or grievance procedure and if possible have a conversation with your workplace supervisor regarding how complaints are managed. 

A.      Summarise the steps involved in managing complaints.   

B.      How does the service support and recognise the needs of culturally linguistic families when managing complaints?


16.    Look at the following industrial relations legislation for Early Childhood educators (https://www.nhvic.org.au/documents/item/19) and list 3 responsibilities of the educator role.


17.    Identify signs of stress you experienced whilst in the workplace and describe how this impacted on your wellbeing. What supports did you use to resolve your feelings of stress?





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