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宁波1er-12010IA--.课19 课名: 学年第一 Multiple Choice 2 credits per question 1. All of the following e-marketing technologies 50 credits in totaly exist without the World Wide Web, r question, -- except a. electronic data interchange b. e-mail c text messaging d. hypertext navigation All of the following are considered by some authorities to be negatives of the growth 2. of the internet except_ a. class divisions b. removing cultural differences c. efficient markets communications es is unlikely to be carried out at the activity d. unsolicited 3. Which of the following processes is unlikely to be level of e-business commitment? a. community building b. online purchasing c. e-mail d. online advertising Which of the following is not an activity which is likely to be practi ced at business process level of e-business commitment? a. customer relationship management b. knowledge management c. database marketing d. direct selling When selecting an e-business investment, venture capitalists are look well-composed business plan and a. sufficient capital b. a great location c. a good team of people . follow through
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