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1.Essai Question

1) State which court have juridiction as to each of these lawsuit:

a) Paula, who lives in New York City, want to use Dizzy Movie Theatres, whosw principal place of business in Dalls. She claim that while she was in Taxes on holiday, she was injured by their negligent maintenance of a straiway. She claims damages of $30.000.

b) Pat wants to sue his next-door neighbor Dorothy, claiming that Dorothy promised to sell him the house next door.

c) Phil lives in tennesse. He want to sue Dick, who lives in Ohio, worth over $2 million.

d) Pete, incarcerated in a federal prison in Kansas, want to sue the United States gorvernment. He claims that his treatment by prison authorities violates three federal statutes.

2) Annie and Bart are coworkers. In fact, they share a cubicle wall. Recently, they werre involved in a fender-bender in the company parking lot . Each blames the other for the accident, and the two have stopped speaking.Would you advise them to try to settle their dispute through arbitration, mediation, or with a traditional lawsuit? why?

3) Raul lives in Georgia. He creates custom painting and sells them at a weekly art fair near to Atlanta. Sarah lives in Vermont. While on vacation in Georgia, she buys on of Raul"s paintings for $500. soon after she returns home, she decides the painting is ugly, calls Raul, and demands a refund . Raul refuses. Sarah wantsb to sue him in Vermnt. Raul has never beenb to Vermont and has never sold a painting to anyone else from Vermont. Do Vermont court have personal juridiction over Raul? Why or Why not?

2. Discussion Question

1) In the Tony Caruso case described throughout this chapter, the defender offer to settle the case as several stages. Knowing what you do now aboiut litigation, would you have accepted any of the offers? If so , which ones? If not, why not?

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