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1.SourceDocumentation [Sample answer] Sales Invoice sessment Criteria Learner can: 2.1Identify a range of source records used in the preparation of accounts. A sales invoice is an example of a source record; it is a document sent by a business to a buyer (i.e. its customer or a debtor) specifying the exact amount and cost of products or services that have been provided by the business. It is a demand for payment after a credit sale transaction, which is then posted onto the sales day book. Below is a depiction of an invoice issued by a firm called Type911 of 72 Bromley to its customer; not only does the invoice show the total amount of the items sold,i.e. £350.15 but it also gives a breakdown of each item by quantity and cost (which includes the VAT). Every invoice has a number, in this example it is 29907 and these are always sequence which facilitates in making it easier and quicker to locate. It can be argued that afterthe £350.15, the figure 29907 is the second most important number on an invoice. INVOICE 87 0270 20 England. UK 20 8402 Fax: 44(0)2o n6so 0930 11 Dog Toohh Inkbotdesien Apart from an invoice (since it has already been used as a sample above) Write a report (750 words, plus or minus 20%) which describes four other source documents/records which are used in the preparation of accounts relating to sales and purchases (In 4 other source documents please make sure you include these as well Cheque, Receiptsand other 2 you can choose any you want) It is important that your report not only gives a description of each, but that it is also accompanied by an illustration (as has been done above). Note, if any images are taken or copied from the internet, a book or any other source, make sure that you acknowledge this by properly citing within text and referenced at the end [Thia queation addreaescriterion 2.1]

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