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1-The steel framework is used to support a uniform concrete slab of 5 thick. Use two cases: Case 1 : a- 5 feet, b 12 feet, Case 2: a-5 feet, b 8 feet and solve the followings for both cases: a) Show the load path. b) Sketch the dead loading that act along Members BE and FED. Ignore the weight of steel members c) Find the dead load of Column at point A. Ignore the weight of steel members. (t2- A six-story office building has interior columns spaced 25 ft apart in two perpendicular directions. If the flat- roof live loading is estimated to be 20 psf, determine the reduced live load supported by a typical interior column located at ground level3- The enclosed building shown below and in is used for as a warehouse and is located in a city with V= 110 mi/h on open flat terrain, when the wind is directed as shown, determine the design wind pressure acting on the roof and sides of the building using the ASCE 7-10 Specifications. Length 180 feet, width 140 feet, Vertical height 20 feet. イ ft 10 70 ft 180 ft wind4- Determine if the structures shown is stable or unstable. If stable: Is it determinate or indeterminate? Provide reason(s). fixed pin fixed fixed roller pin roller pin fixed pin fixed rocker5- A three-hinged arch structure is shown below. Explain why the structure is stable and determinate. Determine the components of reaction at the pinned supports A and C of the two-member frame. Neglect the thickness of the members. Assume B is a pin. (Use example 2.13 as your guide) 6 kN/n 6 kN/m 2.5 m 3 kN/m 4 m 8m

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