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1)What is the correct order (from small to large)? a)cells, organelles, organ system, community, ecosystems b)molecules, organism, population, communities, biosphere c)molecules, cells, tissues, ecosystems, communities d)organelles, cells, population, biosphere, ecosystems e)cells, organs, population, ecosystems, communities 2)All of the gray squirrels that inhabit an oak forest describes a/an: a)ecosystem b)biosphere c)community d)population e)colony 3)Examine the figure on the previous slide and predict which species pair has the most similar DNA sequence. a)vegetarian tree finch (Platyspiza crassirostris) and mangrove finch (Cactospiza heliobates) b)medium tree finch (Camarhynchus pauper) and large tree finch (Camarhynchus psittacula) c)large tree finch (Camarhynchus psittacula) and small tree finch (Camarhynchus parvulus) d)sharp-beaked ground finch (Geospiza difficilis) and large ground finch (Geospiza magnirostris) e)No such predictions are possible
4)Which of the following is an activity that would not reflect the practice of science? a)Science is typically performed alone in the lab. b)Data are typically collected by teams of students and experienced researchers. c)Scientists typically reexamine conclusions or repeat experiments from other large famous labs d)Scientists who work in forests studying ecology often collaborate closely with geneticists who work only in the lab. e)The practice of science results in a discovery that lends new insight, and technology involves how this new insight will be applied to develop a new drug. 5. The subunits of DNA are called 6, Guanine always base pairs or binds to 7. Homologous structures are derived from convergent evolution. True or False 8. Which of the following are properties of living organisms? a. Regulation. b. Response c. Growth. d. A & b e. All of the above.
9.10. Nearly half a century ago, D. W. Kaufman investigated the effect of prey camouflage on predation. Kaufman tested the hypothesis that the amount of contrast between the coat color of a mouse and the color of its surroundings wou analyze data from his owl-mouse predation studies. one dark brown, were released simultaneously into an affect the rate of nighttime predation by owls. He also hypothesized that the color contrast would be affected by the amount of moonlight. In this exercise, you w Pairs of mice (Peromyscus polionotus) with different coat colors, one light brown hungry owl. The researcher recorded th enclosure that contained a The researcher recorded the color of the mouse that was first caught by e owl did not catch either mouse within 15 minutes, the test was the owl. If th re corded as a zero. The release trials were repeated multiple times in enclosures either a dark-colored soil surface or a light-colored soil surface. The presence or absence of moonlight during each assay was recorded The graph shows data from the light-colored soil enclosure. There is one dependent variable and more than one independent variable on the graph. What are the independent variables, the variables that were manipulated by the researcher? the color of the soil and the presence or absence of moonlight 4 □ Light coat 35- Dark coat a) the presence or absence of moonlight and the number of mice caught b) 825 mouse coat color and the presence or absence of moonlight c) E 10 mouse coat color and the number of mice caught d) Full moon No moon A: Light-colored soil
What combination of independent variables led to the highest predation level in enclosures with light-colored soil? a) light brown coat with 4Light coat 35 Dark coat 30 25 20 15 10 no moon 4Light coat 35 ■ Dark coat b) light brown coat with3 25 20 15 10 full moon c) dark brown coat witho full moor Full moon No moon A: Light-colored soill Full moon No moon B: Dark-colored sol d) dark brown coat with no moorn
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