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1.You want to design a study to evaluate whether an anti-bullying program causes a reduction in bullying behavior among middle school students. Describe your study design in enough detail that another researcher could replicate it, including stating your research hypothesis, indicating your independent and dependent variables, and explaining your rationale for the design. What are two potential criticisms of your study?

2.What are the three aspects of job burnout? What is the relationship between stress and performance?

3.How do depressants/ stimulants impact the central nervous system?What are the stages of nREM sleep? Which Brain waves are associated with which stage?

4.What are the parts of a neuron and what do they do?What happens if the frontal lobe is damaged?Be able to identify what happens to “Split Brain Joe”?Psychotropic medications work on which part of the neuron?

5.What were some of the ethical problems with the Tuskegee Syphilis Study?What do behaviorists focus on? Why has developmental psychology started studying changes later in life?

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