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2- (10 pts.) Choose the correct answer (Write down the correct answer letter AND value at your answer booklet IF YOU-CHOOSE-No neoftheabove.yyRITEDOWNTHECORRECTANSWER: a. A die is rolled twice. What is the probability of getting a sum equal to 9? (B2/9 (1/3 A) 2 The value ofc such that the function fx(x) (A) 4 the 100 units at random. The probability that exactly one of them is defective is: (D) 1/9 (E) none of the above b. 0 elsewhere is a valid PDF is: (D) 5/9 (E) none of the above c. There are 100 units of a certain product, 5 of which are defective. We pick three units from 2pt. at (A) 0.1 (B) 0.15 (C) 0.02 (D) 0.03 (E) none of the above 2pt d. In an exam, two problems, 1 and 2, are asked. 35% of students solved problem l and 15% of students solved both the problems. What is the probability that a student who solved the first problem will also solve the second one? (A) 0.214 (B) 0.428 (C) 0.642 (D) 0.75 (E) none of the above | If random variable X has a mean μα-5 , a standard deviation ơx-2, and Y-4-3X then: e. (A) μ,--6 and σ r: 8 (D) μΥ--6 and σ r 16 (B) μ,--8 and ơr-6 (E) none of the above (C) μ,--4 and σ r 16 2pt. Model C Probability and Random Processes 2016/2017

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