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2. (10 pts) Use O, Ω, or Θ to relate each of the following pairs of functions. În particular, you need to write your answer as f(n) E 0(g(n), f(n) 62(g(n)), or f(n) Θ(g(n)). In case f(n) є eig(n)), you will not receive credit if you write f(nje O(g(n)) or f(n) 62(g(n)), although both are implied by f(n) E Θ(g(n)). (a) f(n)-200 x (log n)2.9(n)-0.0001 x Σί. TL TA i-I (d) f(n) 3 x n!, g(n) (3 x n! (e) n)- noI,g(n)-100 n0.01 仁1

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