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2. [2 points] A stationary normal shock has the following conditions upstream: static pressure P1 = 1 atm, static temperature T1 = 300 K, and Mach number M1 = 2.5. For each of the cases below determine the following variables (in the units indicated):

(i) The stagnation pressure upstream, P01 [atm],

(ii) The Mach number downstream, M2,

(iii) The static pressure downstream, P2 [atm],

(iv) The stagnation pressure downstream, P02 [atm],

(v) The stagnation temperature downstream, T02 [K].

(a) Assume the working gas is air with constant specific heats and g = 1.4. Use the tables in the appendix of the text.

(b) Assume the working gas is Helium. The universal gas constant is R = 8314.34 J/(kgmole·K) and the molar mass of helium is ˆM = 4.003 kg/kgmole. The specific gas constant is then R = R/ ˆM = 2077 J/(kg·K). The ratio of specific heats for Helium is = 5/3. Use the equations in the text to solve for the quantities (i)-(v). As you are working the problem, be sure to make it clear what equations from the text you are using. Check the assumptions to be sure the equations are valid for the situation in which you are using them.

(c) There is a compressible flow calculator at: http://www.dept.aoe.vt.edu/~devenpor/aoe3114/calc.html . Compare the results of your hand calculations and those from the calculator. (If there are any significant differences, examine your hand calculations and correct any mistakes.)

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