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2. (20 pts) At a mass flow rate of 125 lb/min, toluene flows through a cylindrical pipe with an inside diameter of 0.3 ft. If the inside diameter of the pipe is increased to 20 cm, a) How much does the mass flow rate of toluene change (in kg/s)? (5 pts) b) By what factor does the volumetric flow rate change? (5 pts) d) What is the average velocity (in ft/s) and volumetric flow rate (in fe/s) of the toluene streanm after the diameter change? (10 pts) 3. (40 pts) A gas cylinder contains 1kg Co, gas at 1 bar and 20°C. The initial volume of the gas is 0.5 gas is compressed to 5 bar through a mechanically reversible processes. If the gas is first a) The heated at constant volume and then cooled at constant pressure, what are the associated heat and work? Assume Cp of CO2 is temperature independent. (20 pts) If Co of CO, is temperature dependent, how much heat would be required to heat the 1kg co, gas from 20°C to 40C at 1 bar? Will the gas cylinder catch fire when the temperature is increased to 40°C? (20 pts) b)
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