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oule ould purchase to maximize their personal utility d. The level of production which would minimize a firms average total cost. Use the following information to answer questions 2-4. The two countries of Behrendonia and the Republic of Gannon produce widgets and gizmos. The opportunity cost of production is constant (meaning the PPF is linear.) Below is the maximum of each good each country could produce if they focused only on a single good. Behrendonia Gannon 500 300 Gizmos 250 300 2. Draw a properly labeled PPF for each country 3. Who has absolute advantage in widget production? Gizmo production? 4. Who has comparative advantage in widget production? Gizmo production. Be sure to calculate opportunity costs. 5. Draw and fully label a demand graph that shows the following: the price of a good increases. MacBook Air 2 3 4 5
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