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2. (4 points) In addition to section 1.3 in the textbook, take note of page A-8 in Appendix F, the Prefixes for Powers of 10 table. prefixes: Rewrite the following values without the assecond Laser pulses this short are available these days, and are short 0 fm 1.9 GHz- enough to make video images of chemical reactions in progress This is about the size of an atoms nucleus. For that reason, femto- is named in honor of Enrico Fermi who ran the first controlled nuclear reaction right here in Chicago. Your cell phone is sitting there, waiting for a signal to come- in at this radio frequency meter Hertz Dump this much power onto a 1mm sphere of hydrogen gas, and we just might cause hydrogen fusion at the National Ignition Facility 0.5 PW = Watts
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