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2. A İ 5 in diameter bar is to withstand a fluctuating tensile load varying from 0 to 16 kip. Because of the ends, and the fillet radius, a fatigue stress-concentration factor K is 1.85, Answer the following questions using information in Table 1. Table 1. The material properties of the bar A fatigue stress- concentration fact KK 1.85 Endurance limit (Se Tensile strength (Sut) Yield strength (S) Se 34.1 kpsi ut100 kpsi Sy 84 kps (1) Find alternating stress (σ) and mean stress (ơm). (2) Draw the failure diagram of Gerber and Langer, along with ơa and ơm obtained in the above problem. (3) Find the safety factors against yielding (n,) and fatigue (n). Use Gerber and Langer failure criteria for the analysis.

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