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2. (a) A very heavy blanket has a warning label that says In order to use this blanket without supervision, you must be at least 8 years old or weigh at least 115 pounds. If you are not at least 8 years old, or you weigh less than 115 pounds, then you cannot use this blanket without supervision. Write the two assertions on the label in symbolic form using you can use the blanket without supervision, t: you are at least 8 years old you weigh at least 115 pounds. Then, determi Suppose that a 24 year old person who weighs 108 pounds is given the blanket. What can they conclude from the warning label? s: , and p: ne whether they are logically equivalent. (b) A childs parents accuse the child of stealing a cookie from the cookie jar. They dont see the cookie, and so they agree that If our child took the cookie then he has eaten it by now. The child comes into the room with the cookie and eats it in front of the parents. The parents immediately begin blaming each other for taking the cookie. Explain their reasoning (e) The following is a theorem about integers: Let n 2 1 be an integer. I 2m+ 1 is prime then n is a power of 2. i. Does the theorem imply that if n is not a power of 2 then 2 +1 is not prime? ii. The integer 22s + 1-4294967297 = 641 × 6700417 is not prine. Does this mean Explain. the given statement is not actually a theorem? (a) Use the Laws of Logic to show that (a Ab)A (aAb)v-b) is logically equivalent to a Ab. (b) Suppose that s1, 82, 8s are statements, and that s1 23, and s1 3. Does it follow that sı and ss are logically equivalent? Explain why or why not.
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