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2. A drug company is comparing the results of three medications on the severity of bacillary dysentery in 15 Peace Corps volunteers returning to the US (N- 15). Below are the averages for these three groups. Placebo: xbar 11.74, n-5 Ciprofloxacin: xbar 3.64, n 5 Ofloxacin: xbar 3.48, n-5 a. State the null and alternative hypotheses. b. Conduct an ANOVA, showing all your work for each step, by completing the ANOVA table below. You need to show both the work for the answers you will present in the table and then also present the completed table itself. Sum of Squares d Mean square 50.075 Total 65.075 c. Use a Type l error rate of a (alpha)-0.05, look up your critical F-value. d. What do you conclude regarding the null hypothesis? Would the p-value be bigger or smaller than alpha? e. What do you conclude about your research question (use your own words, in everyday language)? f. Conduct and interpret follow-up t-tests for this ANOVA analysis
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