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2. A fuel oil is burned with air in a boiler furnace. The combustion produces 813 kW of thermal energy, of which 65% is transferred as heat to boiler tubes that pass through the furnace. The combustion products pass from the furnace to a stack at 550 °C. Water enters the boiler tubes at 20 °C and leaves the tubes as saturated steam at 20 bar absolute. a. Calculate the rate (kg/hr) at which steam is produced. b. Use the steam tables to estimate the volumetric flow rate of the steam produced. c. Repeat the calculation in part (b), only assume ideal gas behavior instead of using the steam tables. Would you have more confidence in the estimate from part (b) or part (c)? Explain What happened to the 35% of the thermal energy released by the combustion that did not go to produce the steam? d.
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