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2) A fungus of Aspergillus flavus type was observed on raw maize. Subsequently, it was necessary to evaluate the contamination level of aflatoxin B1 in the canned corm that was prepared from this crop. To do so, canned corn was well-drained and the drained corn was blended and homogenized. A 50g sample of the homogenized corn was transferred into a glass-stopper Erlenmeyer flask. The sample was then vigorously shaken with 10 mL citric acid solution and 200 mL dichloromethane for 30 min. After filtration, the mixture was left to separate into two layers (aqueous and organic), and around 90-100 mL of the organic layer was collected from which a 40 mL aliquot was taken and dried. The resulting dried material was dissolved into 500 μL of acetonitrile-benzene and then analyzed. The aflatoxin B1 concentration measured in this final solution was 4.2 ng / μL. What is the level of contamination expressed in ppb of the canned corn (drained) if the recovery is 95%?
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