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2) A holding tank has a liquid volume, V, of 1,000[ft] and a steady state flow rate, q, of 10[ft/min]. Connected to the tank outlet is a 200 foot length of pipe with inside diameter 2.068[in Assume plug flow with no axial diffusion inside the pipe. Tank inlet and outlet concentration deviations are C(t) and C(t) [molsA/ft ], respectively. Pipe outlet concentration deviation is C1 (t) [molsA/ft,]. The math model for the tank, no including the pipe, is given by a) Sketch the system b) Determine the transfer function, C(s)/C, (s) oDetermine the transfer function, CL(s)/C(s) d) For a unit step in inlet concentration, C(t), determine C(t at t-0.4,4, 40, and 400. Hint: as part of part (c), you need to account for the time required for the flow to pass through the pipe. How is the fluid different from when it enters the pipe to when it exits the pipe?
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