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2. An aircraft with mass, M, is cruising at its optimum speed, density is p. The friction drag coefficient is Coo, the wing area is A, the aspect ratio is ar, and the lift coefficient is CL at a height where is the air . Derive an expression for the cruising speed by minimizing the drag. Take the 2. 3. induced drag coefficient to be C Ta,. Taking M-300 metric tons, A-350 m, CDO-0018, ar-8, p-0.4 kg/m, compute the cruising speed in km/h, and the associated thrust in kN. If the takeoff mass of the aircraft is 350 metric tons, and the aircraft is designed to travel 12000 km, what is minimum mass of fuel in metric tons should the aircraft carry? Take the engine efficiency to be 0.4 and the energy content of the fuel to be 40 MJ/kg If the air density near the ground is 1.2 kg/m3, and Ci-1.5, what is the minimum thrust in kN required to take off from a runway 2 km in length. 4.
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