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2. An experiment was conducted to compare the mean reaction times to two types of traffic signs: prohibitive (No Left Turn) and permissive (Left Turn Only). Ten drivers were included in the experiment. Each driver was presented with 40 traffic signs, 20 prohibitive and 20 permissive, in random order. The mean time to reaction and the number of correct actions were recorded for each driver. The mean reaction times (in milliseconds) to the 20 prohibitive and 20 permissive traffic signs are given below for each of the 10 drivers. 2 Driver Prohibitive Permissive 702 725 744 824 841 764 857 792 708 747 3 742 610 10 759
a. Write down the location regression model for the differences (i.e. Prohibitive - Permissive) and explain why this model can be used to answer the question posed in the statement of the problem. b. Once again, does the data present sufficient evidence to indicate a difference in mean reaction times to prohibitive and permissive traffic signs? Set up the appropriate hypotheses in terms of the parameter(s) in your location regression model and report the corresponding test statistic value and p-value. What is your conclusion in terms of the context of the problem? Assumea 0.05.
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