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Question: 2 answer the following questions with the letter codes for...

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2. Answer the following questions with the LETTER CODES for rock types and texture terms above. a. Igneous rocks that cool slowly after massive intrusion into the deep crust b. Igneous rocks that cool quickly after intrusion into thin dikes within c. The extra-coarse-grained texture where magmas cool into extremely (3 pts each) are preserved as...Phaneritic or aphanitic? the upper part are preserved as... phaneritic or aphanitic? coarse grain sizes (because of the thinning effect of residual water in the magma) is called....? d. The floating crystal texture with its bimodal grain sizes in dikes due to a two stage cooling history where deep slow cooling is cut-off by eruption to shallow fast cooling crustal levels is called ? e. Super fast-cooling at the top of the lava flows forms volcanic glass with no actual crystals and is called f. Explosive eruption and expansion of gases shreds magma to form what class of igneous rocks ....? g. What kind of phaneritic igneous rock is found in the Sebago Lake area? h. What kind of phanerite igneous rock is found at Cape Neddick??

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