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2. As shown in the diagram, three equal charges are spaced evenly in a row. The magnitude of (I point) each charge is +2e, and the distance between two adjacent charges is 1.50 nm. Then the central charge is displaccd 0.350 nm to the right while the other two charges are held in place. After the displacement, what is the magnitude and direction of the net force that the outer two charges exert on the central charge? 1.50 n 1.50 n +2e +2e +2e 04.27 x 10 10 N to the right 4.27 x 10-10 N to the left 3.20 x 10-10 N to the left 03.20 10-10 N to the right 3. How many electrons must be added to a neutral object to provide it a charge of -2.4 uC? (1 point) O2.4 x 1013 electrons O1.5 x 1013 electrons 04.8 x 1012 electrons 06.7 x 1014 electrons 4. The repulsive force between two protons has a magnitude of 2.00 N. What is the distance (I point) between them? 01.07 x 10-14 m O128 x 1038 m 07.19 x 10-10 m O2.68 x 10-4 m

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