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2. Cell to Cell Adhesions Activity Below I have 4 cell to cell connections with different images and characteristics. You need to read them and identify the following a. 1. The type of cell to cell adhesion/connection it is describing i. Function/role of the adhesion/connection ill Molecules involved in the adhesion/connection iv. Location of the adhesions/connection specifically in the tissue and throughout the body Cell to Cell Connection 1 Allows for the transport of ions, water. Transport channels made out of membrane proteins called connexons that can open and close based on levels of molecules, such as Calcium ions. . Cell to Cell Connection 2
Cell to Cell Connection 2 .A water-tight attachment between two adjacent (side by side) cells. Common near the apical surface of epithelial tissues for keeping foreign substances out and sort of waterproofing our skin and other internal epithelial layers, such as our bladder. Creates an adhesion zone like a zipper/stitches
Cell to Cell Connection 3 (Spot Junction)- Intermediate filaments of cell 1 Cadherins of cell 2 Intermediate filaments of cell 2 Plasma membrane Cadherins Extracellular Plasma membrane of cell 1 of cell 1 space of cell 2 to search
Virtual Activity Cell to Cell Connection 4 (Spot junction) Similar to desmosomes, but use proteins called integrins rather than cadherins. They use integrins and intermediate protein filaments to attach epithelial cells to the basal lamina of the basement membrane
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