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2. Chinas economy has been growing 9% on average during the last 10 years. The income per capita increased from less than $900 a year to $7,800 in 2016. This has boosted the demand for different products including cars, new housing projects, and building materials. Graph the market of SUVs in China. Clearly define the old and new P and Q of equilibrium. Using your graph as a reference, the final effect on market prices is (lower/higher/unknown.) The factor is: and market quantity is Turtles in Latin America are soon to be extinct if we do not find a way to stop the predatory behavior. The main problem is not so much the unscrupulous people who kill them, but the uneducated consumers who purchase turtle-eggs. The government decided to force a price above the equilibrium price for turtle-eggs to discourage consumption. The final result would be (Graph the situation): 3. A) ED B) ES C) Both, ED and ES D) There is no ED or ES
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