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2. Dr. Ara B. Dopsis and Dr. C. Ellie Gans are performing genetic crosses on daisy plants. They self- fertilize a blue-flowered daisy and grow 100 progeny plants that consist of 55 blue-flowered plants, 22 purple-flowered plants, and 23 white-flowered plants. Dr. Dopsis believes this is the result of segregation of two alleles at one locus and that the progeny ratio is 1:2:1. Dr. Gans thinks the progeny phenotypes are the result of two epistatic genes and that the ratio is 9:3:4 a. The two scientists ask you to resolve their conflict by performing a chi-square analysis on the data for both proposed genetic mechanisms. This will require you to do 2 separate calculations, each one using a different hypothesis to determine the expected numbers. Use the resulting p-values to make your decision and express how certain you are in your response. (6 pts) b. Using any of the 100 progeny plants, propose a cross that will verify the conclusion you proposed in part (a). Plants may be self-fertilized, or one plant can be crossed to another. What result will be consistent with the 1:2:1 hypothesis? What result will be consistent with the 9:3:4 hypothesis? (3 pts)
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