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2. Foreign Exchange Risk and the Cost of Borrow- ing Swiss Francs. The chapter demonstrated that a firm borrowing in a foreign currency could poten- tially end up paying a very different effective rate of interest than what it expected. Using the same baseline values of a debt principal of SF1.5 million, a one year period, an initial spot rate of SF1.5000/S, a 5.000% cost of debt, and a 34% tax rate, what is the effective cost of debt for one vear for a U.S. dollar- based company if the exchange rate at the end of the period was: a. SF1.5000/$ b. SF1.44Ợ0/S c. SF1.3860/$ d. SF1.6240/$ 3. MAN Invest (U.K.). MAN Invest, a U.K.-based invest- ment partnership, borrows 100,000,000 at a time when the exchange rate is $1.3460/. The entire principal is to be repaid in three years, and interest is 7% per annum paid annually in euros.The euro is expected to depreci- ate vis-à-vis the British pound at 8% per annum. What is the effective cost of this loan for MAN Invest?

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