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2 Greek 28 2.4 Co More ge a pair of vi Figure 2.5: Square root construction Knowing (from the questions above) that this number is constructible, it becom easy for us to construct the pentagon itself. 2.3.3 By finding some parallels and similar triangles in Figure 2.6, show that bh diagonal x of the regular pentagon of side 1 satisfies x/1 -1/x-1). Figure 2.6: The regular pentagon 2.3.4 Deduce from Exercise 2.3.3 that the diagonal of the pentagon is (1 + V5)/ cent to h and hence that the regular pentagon is constructible. use cati inte 2.4 Conic Sections Conic sections are the curves obtained by intersecting a circular cone by a plane: hyperbolas, ellipses (including circles), and parabolas (Figure left to right). Today we know the conic sections better in terms of thei equations in cartesian coordinates: cor co
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