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Question: 2 hammer throw 10 pts remember this in mens hammer...

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2 Hammer Throw: 10 pts Remember this: In Mens Hammer Throw at the Olympics a 16 pound ball (the ham- mer) is attached to a wire thats ap- proximately 4 ft long and whirled around a circle and let go. Olympians spin their bodies incredibly fast- during their last wind before release they spinning at less than a second per revolution. For the mens sport, given a few facts Figure 3: 2015 Big Ten Outdoor were going to find out the speed of Track and Field Championship Hammer the ball, the force that the athlete Throw champion, MSU athlete Cynthia must exert in order to keep the ball Watt (Photo by Matt Mitchell). moving in a circle, and what fraction of the weight of the ball that cen- tripetal force must be. Draw a picture that shows the circle that the ball follows looking down from above. Show athlete at the center, the chain connecting the athlete to the hammer, and the hammer as a... well, a ball. Label the radius, R; the circum- ference, C; the velocity vector, F, at the position of the ball; and the force of tension vector in the chain, T: Heres what we know for Olympic Mens Hammer throw: . The balls weight is 16 pounds.
. The time for the last wind, the last rotation, is 0.3 seconds. . The radius of the chain is 4 ft. What is the relationship for the circumference of a circle, C in terms of tlhe radius, R? The speed of the ball is just the distance that it travels in a revolution divided by the timethat it took, right? C/t What is the circumference of the balls path in meters? in What was the time of that last rotation?. What is the speed of the ball? m/s What is the radius in meters? You know who to ask. -What is the mass of the ball in kg? kg What is the centripetal acceleration of the ball? m/s? Show your work: isee footnote #1
What is the centripetal force in Newtons? What is the force that the athlete must exert in order to keep the ball in a circle?2 What is the weight of the ball in Newtons? What factor of the balls weight is the centripetal force?
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