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2) Heap buffer overflow (15 points) a. (5 points) Memory Architecture. Where is the Heap located in a machine’s memory map, in general. Contrast this to Stack memory allocation. b. (10 points) Write a testing program that contains a heap buffer overflow vulnerability. Show what the heap layout looks like and explain how to exploit it. In particular, please include in your diagram: (1) each chunk of memory allocated by malloc(), (2) their sizes in bytes, (3) metadata of heap as it gets overwritten, (4) the sizes of this metadata in bytes, and (5) which metadata get overwritten and how the attacker controls which value can get written to any arbitrary location in memory. Address the data structure implemented in a heap memory. How are allocated and non-allocated chunks structured? Is heap memory contiguous within memory architecture? Again, you do not need to write and test the real exploit code, but you may want to use some figures to make your description clear and concise.

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