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2) Helium(He) gas at 2.4 atm and 310 K is diffusing through a series of flat membranes of a- alumina, Y-alumina and silica (Sio2) (3 mm, 7 mm and 14 mm thick, respectively). The helium partial pressure at the other side of the films is 0.25 atm. Assume the equilibrium distribution coefficient (K) is equal to one between the solid interfaces, and that helium is infinitely soluble into a-alumina, but only partially soluble into silica. a) Calculate the flux NHe at steady state. b) Calculate the concentration of He at the 4 interfaces, plot the concentration profile. Assuming: DHe-ai0.85 x109, DHey-alumin 0.141 x 10*9, DHe-silica 1.306 x 10-10 m2/s 3 mm 7 mm 14 mm NH2 CA1 CA2 CA3 CA4

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