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2. If Africa and South America split apart tens of millions of years ago, would their shorelines be the best indicators of the shapes of the original pieces? What factors other than rifting and sea-floor spreading could have modified the shape of the current shorelines?
3. On a separate piece of tracing paper, sketch the continental shelf extent (the shallow ocean area bordering the continent, shown in Figure 3) of South America and Africa. Now use the edges of the continents shelves rather than the shoreline and attempt to join them. Which reconstruction (shoreline or continental shelf) produces the best fit? In what ways is it better than the other? 4. Based on this evidence, what is the true edge of a continent (shoreline or shel)? s helf 5. When you fit the continents together, you could rotate them however you wished. However, figure 2 also contains clues that show exactly how Africa and South America spread apart. Place the best-fit tracings of South America and Africa over those continents on figure 2. Using the oceanic fracture zones to guide the direction in which you move the two plates, bring them closer together until they join. Do the continents fit well when moved this way? 6. What does this suggest about the age and origin of fracture zones?
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