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2. If you are measuring Toluene at a concentration of 345 mg/m in a room is it over the PEL of 200ppm? Over the TLV of 20ppm? 3. A group of employees are routinely working 10-hour shifts five days per week at a petroleum refinery where they are exposed to Benzene. Calculate the Adjusted TLV using the Hickey and Reist, the Brief and Scala, and the OSHA method. The PEL for Benzene is 1ppm, the TLV is 0.5 ppm and the half-life in the body is 6.7 hours 4. If you find a concentration of 211 mg/m3 of methyl ethyl ketone in a room with a temperature of 25 degrees C, what is the concentration in ppm? How about if the room temperature was lowered to 5 degrees C, what would the concentration in ppm be? 5. A chemist working for pharmaceutical manufacturing company was attempting to reach a bottle of sulfuric acid off the top shelf. Unintentionally, the chemist accidently knocked a bottle of methylene chloride off another shelf causing the bottle to shatter, releasing all of the methylene chloride resulting in about 250 ppm into the rooms ambient air. How long will it will take to reduce this concentration of methylene chloride down to 5% of the PEL assuming the room is 25,x30,x10, and the vent rate in the room is 600 cfm PEL-25ppm, MW is 85 g/m 6. In a room 20 feet wide by 35 feet long and 12 feet high, what will the final room concentration of acetone be after 12 minutes, if the concentration after a spill was 300ppm and the room was ventilated at 4.5 air changes per hour
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