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2. In a large metropolitan hospital, cells from newborn babies are collected and examined microscopically over a 5-year period. Among approximately 7500 newborn males, one Barr Body is seen the nuclei of 6 babies. All other newborn males have none. Among 7500 female infants, four have two Barr bodies in each nucleus, two have no Barr bodies, and the rest have one. What is the cause of the unusual number of Barr bodies in a small number of male and female infants? (4 pts) 3. A wild-type male and a wild-type female Drosophila with red eyes and full wings are crossed. Their progeny are shown below. Note: if choosing this as a video problem, you need to explain your reasoning Males 3/8 full wing, red eye 3/8 miniature wing, red eve wing 1/8 purple eye, full wing 1/8 miniature wing, purple eye a. Using clearly defined allele symbols of your choice, give the genotype of each parent. (2 pts) b. What is/are the genotype(s) of females with purple eye? Of males with purple eye and miniature wing? (2 pts) 3/4 full wing, red eye 1/4 purple eye, full *4. The Xg cell-surface antigen is coded for by a gene located on the X chromosome. No equivalent gene exists on the Y chromosome. Two codominant alleles of this gene have been identified: Xg/ and Xg2. A woman of the genotype Xg2/Xg2 bears children with a man of genotype Xgl/Y, and they produced a son with Klinefelter syndrome of genotype XgIIXg2/Y. Using proper genetic terminology, briefly explain how this individual was generated. In which parent and in which meiotic division did the mistake occur? You may draw a diagram, but you must explain it. (4 pts)
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