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2. Its required that Ri 1 M2. Further, R2 and R4 cannot exceed 1 MS2. The resistor R3 is a thermistor described by: 3 0 Ro is the thermistor nominal resistance at nominal temperature To -298 K. Let Ro 10 kQ.B is a constant that depends on the material of the thermistor - its an indication of the shape of the curve that represents the relationship between the resistance and the temperature of the thermistor (use B 3,435 K). 0 0 Use Matlab or ExCEL to plot the temperature operating range of the thermistor such that the Op Amp does not enter saturation (18 V) for v 100 mV. Make two plots: (1) R3 (Ohms) vs. T (Kelvins); (2) vo (Volts) vs. R3 (Ohms). Both plots must have clearly labeled axes (with units) and a describing title.

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