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2. Pla atypuses can have beak colour [brown (B) or purple (P)l, and tail shape (oval (O) or forked (F)l. Assume that each trait is caused by a single gene in which one allele is completely dominant to the other and the genes are independently assorting. Use the table to determine the dominant and recessi rules, define them, and write the genotypes of the parents (using the symbols) in each of the crosses shown here. Show all possible genotypes of the parents. Do not consider gene interactions penetrance, or expressivity ive alleles for beak colour and tail shape. Create gene symbols according to standard naming (Cores A&C: http/itinyuri.com/oog-basic and htplopengenetics.net/ratiosModules/dhybrid htm) PHENOTYPE (Letters) and Quantity of Progeny (Numbers) PARENT OFFSPRING Male | Female (Row 1) (Row 2) (Row 3) PF BF BO PF BF BO |PF|BOIPO- 28 2 12 12 0 13 037 0 480o
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