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and simplifying 3 MP3 18.3-10 What is the simplified form of each rational expression? What is the domain? SEE EXAMPLE 2 Austyn Neame PHYSICS CHAPTER 10 HOMEWORK 1. How much heat i s required to change 234 g of water from 23.4 °C to a temperature of 79.3 °C? At 71.3-234 2 How much heat is required to melt 45 g of ice if the initial temperature is-20.3 54510(20.5) 2.51 % lo į 3. How much heat is required to change the temperature of 345 g of ice at -19.3 °C to steam at 120.4 °C? 124) íce4Hea n1 333.hn t -345( 74.1) : 1545) 4. What is the Specific heat of a metal if 99.2 g of at 210.0 °C is added to 450.0 g of water at 23.4 C and the final temperature reaches 45.6 °C? 5. What is the final temperature of a system with water it 45.6 g of ice t-23.1 C is added to 124.3 g of water at 63.2 °C?
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