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2. P『oller !iA (a), (b), (c) Set up a stoichiometric table for each of the following reaction the concentration of each species in the reaction as a function of conversio evaluating all constants (e.g., e, e). Next, assume the reaction follows an ele- mentary rate law, and write the reaction rate solely as a function of conver- sion, ie.,-rA =f(X). (a) For the liquid-phase reaction s and express P4-5A CH-OH the entering concentrations of ethylene oxide and water, after mixing the inlet streams, are 16.13 mol/dm3 and 55.5 mol/dm3, respectively. The specific reaction rate is k = 0.1 dm3/mol. s at 300 K with E = 12,500 cal/mol. (1) After finding-n-fX), calculate the CSTR space-time, τ, for 90% conversion at 300 K and also at 350 K. (2) If the volumetric flow rate is 200 liters per second, what are the cor- responding reactor volumes? (b) For the isothermal, isobaric gas-phase pyrolysis pure ethane enters the flow reactor at 6 atm and 1100 K, write -A -fX) How would your equation for the concentration and reaction rate, i.e., -rA =f(X), change if the reaction were to be carried out in a con- stant-volume batch reactor? (c) For the isothermal, isobaric, catalytic gas-phase oxidation C,H4 + 10,-→ CH,--CH, the feed enters a PBR at 6 atm and 260°C and is a stoichiometric mixture of only oxygen and ethylene

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