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Question: 2 requted problem 20 points note this is somewhat similar...

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2.) REQUTED PROBLEM 20 points] [NOTE: This is somewhat similar to Problem 1.10 done in lecture.] (a.) Do BY HAND Problem 1.17 on page 24 as being in MyOMLab and also provided on attached sheet. (b.) Do using POM software Problem 1.17 on attached sheet and check your answers found in part (a.) above by hand. Provide ONE PAGE printout of your output using POM software with YOUR NAME & Problem 1.17 in Title Bar 1.17 As part of a study for the Department of Labor Statistics, you are assigned the task of evaluating the improve- ment in productivity of small businesses. Data for one of the small businesses you are to evaluate are shown at right. The data are the monthly average of last year and the monthly average this year. Determine the multifactor productivity with dollars as the common denominator for: a) Last year b) This year c) Then determine the percent change in productivity for the monthly average last year versus the monthly average this year on a multifactor basis. Labor: $8 per hour Capital: 0.83% per month of investment Energy: S0.60 per BTU LAST YEAR THIS YEAR Production (dozen) Labor (hours) Capital investment () Energy (BTU) 1,500 350 15,000 3,000 1,500 325 18,000 2.700

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